Blog - Loretta Lynn Owens and Her Supposed Art of the mack, 22 Apr 2015 4:15:19 +0100

"Always a Hyena" came back to me yesterday after his exhibit at the New Bohemian Gallery in Minnesota. So he is available for purchase. $235, no extra charge for shipping - you can pay in installments if you need with $50 down. He is pretty damned cool, adopt a hyena today!

Solome, 04 Apr 2015 12:13:16 +0100

Solome, my new studio assistant/model/friend(?).


"I've chosen blue, because that's how I feel on the inside."

Oh, that Solome, so much drama.

The New Bohemian Gallery - | noun | : Person, Place, Thing, 22 Mar 2015 1:29:00 +0000

I currently have two pieces in the exhibit, | noun | : Person, Place, Thing

-  at The New Bohemian Gallery in Brainerd, MN.


Always a Hyena



In One Ear


| noun | includes the artwork of twelve artists from all over the country

and runs from March 6- March 28 at The New Bohemian Gallery.

Located at:
(Franklin Arts Center)
1001 Kingwood St | Gallery 226
Brainerd, MN 56401

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday | 12 - 5 pm

Or by appointment, contact:

Clutch Your Side, 22 Mar 2015 1:22:16 +0000






Clutch Your Side

Acrylic, Latex, Ink, Paper, Cotton Stitching on canvas

30 in x 20 in x 1 in








Always A Hyena, 11 Jul 2014 2:59:56 +0100

"You will always be a hyena..." etc., protests the devil who crowned me with such pleasant poppies.

"Attain death with all your appetites, your selfishness and all the capital sins!" - Rimbaud, A Season in Hell




Summer Updates, 11 Jul 2014 5:10:14 +0100

I'll be updating the gallery pages, a much neglected task, in the coming days. I've got a good start already, so have a gander if you fancy. I wish you all a swell Summertime. If you run out of sunscreen, try a big hat for protecting your sensitive neck and facial skin. xoxox

Move'd, 11 Jul 2014 4:51:36 +0100


June was my last month in the Willow Street studio. RIP Willow Street studio space. For a plethora of reasons, it wasn't somewhere I wanted to do my thing anymore, so onward we move. I'm pretty happy about that - I have more flexibilty now around when I can work on shizz, and that is killer good news. I'll be working out of my house again now, for at least six months - maybe more or possibly less depending on what kind of available spaces catch my eye and invite me to get all up inside them. I'm in no rush though - I've already done more painting with a couple of weeks in my tiny home space than I'd done in the past couple of months at the big space - looks like there is some truth to the "size isn't everything, it's how you use it" idea. Also, I got to drive a fancy U-haul truck to move everything - bonus!


Behold, my tight little box...





Hyperallergic Selfie Illusions, 31 Mar 2014 6:21:56 +0100

Honored to be included in Hyperallergic's selfie series today.

It's curated by Alicia Eler, really great series that examines the contemporary phenomenon of the "selfie" in a smart and interesting way.



It's "Alright Ma", 14 Mar 2014 1:47:50 +0000


"Alright Ma" Acrylic, latex, and ink with paper on 1/2 inch birch ply. 2 ft x 2 ft

"But Did You Ever Try to Eat One?", 10 Mar 2014 11:19:41 +0000



"But Did You Ever Try to Eat One?" Well, did you ever? Acrylic, latex, ink, and paper on hardwood. 18 inch diameter.


View From the Easel, 06 Mar 2014 8:47:05 +0000

Studio included in Hyperallergic's "A View From the Easel" series. Visit their post on Hyperallergic.

Hand-Stitching Canvas, 04 Mar 2014 8:09:23 +0000

Song is Jason Molina, "Just Be Simple" at The Luminaire in London on April 5th, 2006.

A very cold morning in my studio, putting stitches in a painting, with sleet or some such pseudo-snow coming down outside.